The old saying goes “it takes a village” and that certainly holds true when it comes to our youth group. East Cumberland Avenue Baptist Church has been blessed with a wonderful and energetic youth team.  

We have a bus ministry on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.  This bus ministry has allowed our youth group to grow leaps and bounds this past year. Our primary goal is to teach our youth about Jesus and the ultimate sacrifice he made for us while still having fun! We have classes for all ages, including teenagers and young adults.  

Meet Our Team!

Ages 0-6:
Brittany Johnson & Skie Pack
Ages 7-9:
Jenny Marcum
Ages 10-14:
Amy Brown & Laura Pack
Kathy Henard & Debbie McGinnis
Kelly Pack & Mickeala McPherson
Haley DeBusk & Mark Sonnenmeier
Teenagers/Young Adults:
Tyler DeBusk & Danny Bruce
Van Drivers:
Amy Brown
Ken Howe
Debbie McGinnis
Jenny Marcum
Susan Moore
Mark Sonnenmeier
David Massengill
Youth Director: Haley DeBusk